Big Local For East Cleveland


Big Lottery funding for better places to live now and in the future


The East Cleveland area (as listed below) will get at least £1 million of Lottery money over the next 10 years to enable the area to become a better place to live.

Come and have your say on how you would like to improve your community!


Village                       Date                                                   Time               Venue

Boosbeck                  Thursday 9th June 2011                 6.30pm           Boosbeck Community                                                                                                                                 Centre

Loftus                         Tuesday 14th June 2011                 6.30pm           Loftus Town Hall

Margrove &                Thursday 16th June 2011               6.30pm           Margrove Park Village Hall


Easington                  Tuesday 21st June 2011                 5pm                The Tiger Inn

Dunsdale                 Monday 27th June 2011                  6.30pm           Sunnyfield House

New Skelton             Tuesday 5th July 2011                     4.00pm           Wykeham Court

Skinningrove                       Tuesday12th July 2011                   6.30pm           Skinningrove Village Hall

Liverton Mines          Thursday14th July 2011                  6.30pm           Liverton Mines Community


Lingdale                    Tuesday 19th July 2011                  6.30pm           Lingdale Village Hall

Carlin How                Thursday 28th July 2011                 6.30pm           Carlin How Jubilee Hall



If you are unable to attend the meeting in your area but would like to be involved or require further information on the Big Local please contact:

Mary McDermott at TVRCC on 01287 643904 or 01642 213852

or email



Big Local for East Cleveland partners:


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