Eco Sustainability Ltd

Momentum is now gathering with the LEADER funded ECO project in East Cleveland. Village meetings have been held in Carlin How with further ones planned for June in Charltons and Margrove Park. We are hoping to offer an ‘Energy Talk’ shortly, where an expert will come and give advice on a range of subjects, designed to save residents money and reduce CO2 emissions. Two villages in the area are already looking at installing renewable energy schemes for communal benefit. Whilst the farmers & gardeners are hoping for some rain, the majority of us will want lots of hot sunny weather this summer. An average ‘well managed’ domestic fridge will cost around £30 a year to run , which maybe doesn’t sound much, but by leaving the door open whilst pouring yourself that cold drink, this can rise significantly. We’ve probably all been guilty of leaving the fridge door open whilst pouring milk on the cornflakes or whatever, but try to get into the habit of closing it as soon as possible and save yourself money.

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