Farm Watch

Neighbourhood Policing held Farm Watch meeting at Lingdale Village Hall on 17th May. The meeting was opened by the Chair, Farm Watch co-ordinator Joyce Oakden and talks were given by Acting Insp.Savory, (Coastal Area) Insp. Bell (East Cleveland) and Sgt Andy King (Greater Eston) Residents were urged to contact the Neighbourhood team should they see any evidence of crime, ie unknown vehicles, poaching, trespass and theft. It was pointed out that diary sheets are kept to record any vehicle registration numbers. These sheets are collected weekly and given out to all patrols that can be on the lookout for them. Insp Bell said “We need information from you all to help and give a better service. We are also looking to patrol hot spot areas more often.” Sgt Andy King from the Greater Eston area said,”The main problems in our area are deliberately caused fires and off-road vehicles.” He went on to say,” The Police go out with the fire engines from time to time and even though we recognise that some of the fires are accidental and caused by camp fires there are still fires that are started deliberately. Some of them are started by adults, not just stereotypes, like the kids.” “We are not just about punishing, these people, but we are here to educate them too on the dangers of the fires they are deliberately starting,” said Sgt King. Other problems discussed covered the amount of poaching incidents there are in the area. These are double the amount of thefts reported, but fuel and metal thefts still continue to be a problem, due to the remoteness of the properties. However a new 4×4 vehicle has been purchased to enable officers to get to the remote areas easily and quickly. PC Chris Gunnell gave a talk and demonstration on inexpensive, yet effective ways of protecting your property. He said, “We appreciate that security measures can be expensive, therefore we need to examine potential targets, before thefts occur and not just after they have happened.” He added,” We are here to help you do that and there are many different ways that we can help. I meet with colleagues on a daily basis to discuss what is happening in rural communities. This only works because Farm Watch workers are doing a good job.” Neighbourhood Policing are keen to work with any member of the public and urge them to get in touch for help and advice or see any signs of suspicious incidents. The Neighbourhood Farm Watching Team cover the area, 7 days a week from 8am- 11pm and one weekend in four until 3am. Outside of these times the response team is available 24/7. If you suspect a crime is being committed and it is still ongoing then call 999 in the first instance. East Cleveland Farm Watch can be contacted on 01642 302929.

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