Happy Birthday Coastal View!

Coastal View & Moor News have recently celebrated their 1st Birthday with a Charity Evening of Entertainment, in Moorsholm Memorial Hall. The evening consisted of the showing of the much acclaimed Craig Hornby film, Vin Garbutt, Teesside Troubadour together with an introduction by Craig himself. The music was provided by the wonderful Bob Fortune, with his local stories and the wit and humour to go with them, the amazing Rebekah Findlay, a great local talent with a magical voice and the great FiddLyn Man  Doris, brilliant performers in their own right but as a band, truly sensational. The Young Carers Project, based at the Junction, Redcar were the chosen charity and they brought along with them a short film made by theYoung Carers themselves that was both moving and tear jerking. It had so much impact, that some of the audience have vowed to help do so much more for them in the future. We would like to thank all the people who supported us on the night and who helped with their own fundraising activities, the advertisers and friends who were so generous with their donations of raffle prizes and auction items. Special thanks to our local MP Tom Blenkinsop who came along to support us and helped us raise £70 in the auction, Wayne Davies for all the help he gave us, Dave Williams for getting us that last few quid on the night and Chris and Pearl, our friends from Hull who came to visit and did so much to help. Also thanks to the Moorsholm villagers who came along to support us with special thanks to Ian Solomon for having faith in us and letting us try out the new stage. We haven’t got the total figure for the amount raised yet but we expect it to exceed £750. Steve and I were a bit busy on the night of the event to realise the impact it had had on so many people until the next day when we sat down and talked about it. We decided that sometimes it’s not just about the money, although we know it does help, but about raising the awareness of the Young Carers Project. We will continue to deliver to you your very own community newspaper, but have vowed to continue raising money for this very worthwhile cause. We really hope we have made a difference. Oh and by the way it was Lynne’s birthday on Saturday too and she said, “It was the best birthday ever.” Thank You. Steve & Lynne Nicholls


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