PCSO Rachael Dack Reports

Brotton Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) covers the following areas: Brotton, Carlin How and Skinningrove. Since the start of the New Year anti social behaviour (ASB) in Brotton has been a Police priority. Extra high visibility patrols have occurred in the area at relevant times mainly on a Friday and Saturday evening between 18.00 and 23.00 when ASB was happening. Extra resources were also brought in to help combat the problem. pecial Constables, Mounted Police and Off Road Police Bikes to name a few. Operation Tornado took place on Friday 4th February. This involved the local NPT conducting patrols with teachers from Freebourough Academy. Working together meant information could be shared allowing us to identify and deal with offenders promptly. Officers took a zero tolerance approach when dealing with the youths. Many warnings were given and when appropriate youths were taken home and spoken to in front of their parents. Alcohol was confiscated, anti social behaviour forms issued and where necessary arrests were made. Similar operations have continued in the area with success. The work NPT Officers have done to combat ASB in Brotton has proved successful. In the last three months Police have received six calls from local residents complaining about youths causing a nuisance. In the last month there have been two. We are however keeping ASB in Brotton a priority and not becoming complacent with the current low figures we are experiencing. Off road bikes in the Brotton area are a problem which the NPT team are currently addressing. In the last month one bike has been seized. The NPT team are focusing their attention on Lumpsey Pit which is situated off Kilton Lane. The environmental damage which the off road bikes/vehicles have caused has forced residents to phone the Police expressing their concerns. We have therefore taken action, regularly patrolling the area and stopping any vehicles that we find. Section 59’s have been given to drivers when required which is a form that is given for vehicle nuisance. On a lighter note, myself, PCSO Stephanie Robinson and PCSO Nic Rothwell who are both the PCSO’s for Loftus are holding activities for local kids in the area. The idea is to get the local kids involved preventing them from committing crime. Activities will be held at Carlin How, Loftus and Liverton Mines. Brotton has not been included due to lack of interest. Please find the dates and times for July below:

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