Skinningrove Special Profiles

Britain has fallen from 3rd in 2009, to 13th in 2011, for attracting investment in Green manufacturing. This means, under Labour in 2009 £7 Billion came  into the British economy for Green manufacturing. That has now collapsed to £2 Billion under the Tory-Liberal Democrat Government. So, private investment is falling, as is public investment. This is more than evident in the mothballing of the Teesside Beam Mill. Three hundred jobs at Skinningrove and Teesside Beam Mill are to go, with obvious consequences for another 100 plus contractors on site, including 1200 core TATA jobs to go down the road in Lincolnshire at Scunthorpe. The Beam Mill specialises in construction. Previously 46% of its orders came from the UK for construction beams that went into new schools, new hospitals, sky scrapers and public led projects like a Third Terminal at Heathrow Airport. However, public funds have been slashed by the present pessimistic austere Tory- Liberal Democrat Government leading to private funds drying up as a consequence. On top of this, The Tory-Liberal Democrat Government has brought a Carbon Floor Pricing  Tax in on Energy Intensive Industry, like Steel, Chemicals and  Ceramics. This policy led TATA, Lucite and GrowHow to directly criticise the Tory-Liberal Democrat Government. The Hartlepool 84 and 42 inch mills are also to lose 90 jobs. The pipes rolled there were recently made to supply much needed gas and oil projects off the Shetland isles in the North sea. However, the Tory-Liberal Democrat Government has just increased tax on North Sea oil by £2 Billion. The oil industry warned the Tory-Liberal Democrat Government that they would reduce investment if such draconian taxes were brought in, resulting in job losses to the British economy. As a result, Hartlepool has lost 90 jobs. This, coupled with a half-mothballed Teesside Power plant and a brand new Ensus Bio Fuel Plant at Wilton going to a 4 moth shutdown, can only lead to the British people wondering, what actually is the plan for British manufacturing in general and Teesside’s industry in particular? all I do know now is local steel men like Robbie Middlemas, from Loftus, working at Skinningrove works, alongside his mates and other Community Trade Union officials, have been juggling diffi cult circumstances for over 3 years now. And as Robbie said, we’ve fought before and we’ll keep fighting now.







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