Tory_Liberal Democrat government breaks pensions promise to 2.6 million British women.

2.6 million Women in the UK, from 2016, will have to wait from 1-2 years extra before they get their state pension. A woman born just after April 1953 will receive her state pension at 62, where as a woman born on 6 April 1953 will have to wait for her pension until she is 65! Pension age changes for women were not supposed to happen till 2020, this was so many women could get their finances in order first and prepare for an age change in pension rules.  Both Tory and Liberal Democrats said they wouldn’t push it earlier from 2020, to 2016. But the Tory-Liberal Democrat Coalition has pushed it forward, at a drop of a hat, and broken a promise to 2.6 million British women. Women reaching state pension age from 2016 had already been increased by 3, 4 or 5 years, under the Tory 1995 Pensions Act, which legislated for women’s state pension age to start rising in 2010 from age 60 to reach 65 by 2020. Under Tory-Liberal changes, women’s pension age will rise by up to 2  years, but no man has more than a one year rise. In fact between 2010 and 2020, women’s pension’s age rises by 6 years! While pensions for men raise by one year. The Tory-Liberal Democrat Government argued that because of the deficit, these measures were required. However, these proposed pension changes will not save any money in this Parliament (2010-2015) and do nothing to reduce the deficit. In fact there are no savings before 2016, when of course, the deficit will have been paid off! So, I have been asking the question in Parliament, why hardworking British women have to pay the price upon their pension when it makes no difference to Britain’s financial situation. All that these women want, especially those women who have written to me from East Cleveland, is for the Tory-Liberal Democrat Government to have some principles and keep its promise.

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