What’s on at the Cutty Wren

The 23rdJune will be a Singers and Musicians Night when the club regulars (and irregulars!) are invited, nay, welcomed to stand up and play or sing. We’re having a Hot Spot with Frank Maidens and Karen Hibbert on the 30th June. This will give them a chance to get in more than the usual  two songs, and let them show their singing and guitar playing talents to a greater extent. And no mistake – these two regulars of Saltburn Folk Club are not short of talent! July kicks off with two Singers and Musicians Nights, but on the 21st July we welcome Stanley Accrington, folk humourist exraordinary. As with the best funny men, his humour, though zany, can have a sharp edge, and you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement as well as laughing. Not to be missed. And a Theme Night to end the month: “Songs of the Land” onthe 28th. Plenty of scope in both Trad and Contemporary song there to pick from. And one advance date: August 11th will be the Famous Pre-Festival Night, when locals and old friends going to Saltburn Folk Festival meet up. More details later, but be ready for an early start! We’ve had some top-class nights lately: the “Welcome to Summer” party was well-attended, with great food and great music. The Hot Spot of Graham Brotton and Sam Cole (aka “Blue Sun”) was very enjoyable, not only for their playing and singing but for the words Sam has put to some of Graham’s lovely tunes. Wendy Arrowsmith was the guest a fortnight later, and so we had another lovely female voice singing some very compelling songs, many her own as well. And to have her husband Paul accompany her on banjo for her second set was a further treat. We sometimes joke about banjos, but Paul’s playing shows why the instument has endured so long  and so well. And as ever, the Singers and Musicians nights brought plenty of good music as well as plenty of laughs. So thanks as ever to all who come, to John Taylor our organiser, and to our kind hosts at the “Duke William” Geoff and Lal. See you soon – Thursdays at the “Duke William”, Skelton, 8p.m. for 8-30. George F

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