Woodside Surgery Summer 2011

By the time you read this we eventually hope to have definitely secured both final planning permission and financial approval for the new surgery premises. Building will hopefully start in the autumn and it will be the end of 2012 before we can move in- but we are really positive after what feels like a very long struggle to get the area the moden premises it deserves. On another positive note the surgery minibus has been running for a couple of months and is becoming really popular; particularly with patients who previously relied on relatives to bring them up etc. German food poisoning has been the main health story in the news recently. Please don’t let this put you off healthy foods like salads- just make sure it’s washed. The bigger risk of food poisoining in Britain at this time of year is not cooking the burgers on the BBQ properly! Most food poisoning will settle down on it’s own but we certainly want to know if you are on lots of medications or if there are any worrying signs like blood. If your work involves food you must stay away for at least 2 days after your symptoms have settled. At Woodside surgery we started a “patient participation group” over 5 years ago and this has met 4 times a year since then. The group helps the surgery decide on priorities and developments and also serves as a way for us to communicate with the community. We would like to have as many people as possible representing as many parts of the community as possible at the group so if you would like to drop in to the next session and see what is about just give our practice manager Gary Trafford a ring on 01287 6408385. Dr Richard Rigby

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