This is … £75m Redcar Regeneration


Work has started on the largest regeneration programme in the history of Redcar. The exciting and distinctive developments will create unique new features for Redcar improving the environment, creating new jobs and boosting the local economy:

  • £30m Sea Defences and Promenade
  • £31m Leisure and Civic Heart
  • £1.6m Vertical Pier
  • £8.3m The Hub
  • £5m Tuned In@myplace


A  Sea Defences and Promenade Critical work is needed to protect and secure people, homes and businesses against the risk of coastal flooding and coastal erosion.

The seawall work is being funded and managed by the Environment Agency and will stretch from Coatham to the Stray. The Council took the opportunity to revamp the promenade areas to enhance the seafront for residents and increase the number of visitors.

The promenade will have many attractive features appealing to all ages, including new leisure spaces with water play areas and show rides.  Designs have taken inspiration from Redcar’s nautical heritage.

Entertainment and events will be focused around Sunshine Corner, in the Vertical Pier area. The Stray will be a peaceful location where people can enjoy the natural landscapes and wildlife in a quiet setting.

£30m is being invested by the Council and Environment Agency, with the support of One North East, The European Regional Development Fund, LEGI and Redcar Partnership.


B  Tuned In@myplace

The state-of-the-art centre for young people will be home to creative facilities such as music studios, drama and performance space.

Tuned In@myplace aims to inspire young people to fulfill their potential and develop new skills.

The £5m centre, will feature zones including a multimedia suite, art studio and film-making facilities.



C Vertical Pier

The stunning architectural design will create a new iconic building for Redcar seafront and a beacon for the town.

The magnificent 80ft building will allow spectacular rooftop panoramic views of the dramatic coastline and the Redcar landscape.

The £1.6m development will have 7 floors, the ground level with a bustling café/restaurant and the upper floors offering bespoke studio and workshops for local artists and businesses.

The inspirational setting will become the focal point for performance space and artists’ workshops. Interior spaces can be opened up to the public for events, exhibitions, and meetings.


D The Hub

The Hub will be an innovative new creative industries centre, designed to build on the success and growth of artistic, digital and creative businesses in the Borough.

The contemporary building will provide fully serviced and supported high quality space where artists and businesses can flourish. The impressive interior will provide a superb setting for artists to display and sell work with several areas open to the public.

The project aims to create 60 new jobs and support 150 businesses. The Hub will link to other networks of enterprise hubs in Teesside and the North East to create strong connections, mentoring, learning and business growth opportunities for local businesses.


E Redcar Leisure and Community Heart

A new £31m development with leisure centre, swimming pool, business centre with multi-functional meeting and community space.

A brand new 25 metre swimming pool, fitness suite and sports hall in the heart of the town centre will provide an excellent facility for local communities and visitors.

The business centre will offer space for young entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise new business ideas, creating dynamic new companies and job opportunities for local people.



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