Lib-Dems slated over ‘Seafront Shenanagins’

Labour cabinet members in Redcar & Cleveland council have accused Redcar Lib-Dem Councillors and MP of ‘muddying the sea-water’, over public demands for a business rate reduction scheme for sea-front businesses.

Economic Development Cabinet member Mark Hannon said, ‘ it’s a bit rich for Lib-Dem councillors and their MP to sound off over demands for the council to reduce business rates, when the Tory-Libdem coalition are forcing £15m worth of cuts this year, and over £25m over the next 4 years, which impacts on local services and the local economy’

‘Perhaps they should be lobbying government for more spend on tourism ?’

Culture & Tourism cabinet member Sheelagh Clarke added, ‘ how sad that Lib-Dems are maintaining a steady stream of negative publicity over Redcar – is that what local seafront businesses really want as we approach the holiday season?’

Council Leader George Dunning said, ‘as cabinet members our door is always open to discuss concerns, and we’d suggest opposition members – and the MP – use them to try and resolve local difficulties, where they exist.

‘ The Environment agency works are needed as a matter of public safety, and the council already has a business rate relief scheme, which we shall consider in future where appropriate’

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