A new generation of young Conservatives by Cameron Brown

A new generation of young Conservatives have officially set up a Conservative Future branch as part of the South Tees Conservative Association. Scott Holmes and Cameron Brown, the two chairman, are behind its creation in a move to revitalise and bring a new young perspective into the local Party.

Cameron Brown, Samuel Griffiths & Scott Holmes.


Since its creation in June, the branch has already set out their ambitions for the organisation and the South Tees area. This includes increasing membership, branching out into colleges and universities, fundraising and campaigning for greater youth involvement in the decision-making process.

Members of Conservative Future have the opportunity to get involved in campaign activities, promote the image of the Party and support Conservative candidates in elections at all levels. What is more, with over 15,000 members nationally, the young wing of the Party runs a range of events and activities from policy discussions to social gatherings.

Already, there are over 36 members of South Tees Conservative Future – including a Labour Party defect!

The branch has already received strong support from Hutton Ward Councillor, Valerie Halton. “The last four years of a Labour council at Redcar and Cleveland was not a great success. For example the inadequate services for disabled and older people. Now, with Conservative Future, there is a great opportunity to rebuild local support. It is great to see so many young people believe in the Conservative principle of social responsibility, rather than state control.”

Marton West Councillor and leader of the Middlesbrough Conservative Group, Cllr. Chris Hobson, has also hailed the creation as a huge success. “I am delighted that Cameron Brown and Scott Holmes have managed to set up a  Conservative Future branch.  We need to encourage the young to get involved in politics and what better way is there than through a group like this.  Cameron and Scott are very committed and enthusiastic and I am sure the group will go from strength to strength.  The South Tees Conservative Association will work with the group and give help and support where necessary.”

The team are currently looking for more active volunteers in the area that are willing to help campaign for the Party and the Conservative Future branch.

Cameron Brown, the Co-Chairman, says  “We are here to revitalise the branch, bring a new young perspective into the Party and to show  the South Tees what young Conservatives have to offer”

With the European elections looming in 2012, the brach is already in action preparing for a strong campaign for the re-election of Martin Callanan MEP next year.

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