New Coast & Country Homes ready to apply for on July 7th

Artist’s impression of the new-look Hummersea Hills estate








Coast & Country, one of the largest regeneration and housing companies in the North East, has announced that the first set of homes at Hummersea Hills in Loftus will be ready for tenants in two months’ time.

A total of £22 million is being invested to transform the rundown estate, which was formerly known as Westfield.

Fifty properties – a mixture of two bedroomed bungalows and two, three and four bedroomed houses – will be available to rent from September.

A special information event is being held on Thursday July 7 at the Loftus Co-op Building, from 10.30am to 2.30pm to inform residents about the availability of and how to apply for the new homes.

The 50 properties form part of the first phase of the scheme, which involves constructing 300 environmentally-friendly, high quality homes.

Iain Sim, Coast & Country Chief Executive, said: “The completion of the first 50 homes for rent is an important point in the regeneration of Hummersea Hills, which will result in a vibrant, secure and attractive neighbourhood where people will want to live.

“Hummersea Hill will be an estate that is fit for the future where residents and families will want to remain for years to come.”

The area’s old, poor standard properties are being replaced with high quality two, three and four bedroomed houses and two bedroomed bungalows.

The regeneration of Hummersea Hills will also involve creating a more open and accessible development with improved car parking to the homes, better road layouts and a greatly enhanced overall living environment.
The homes incorporate eco-friendly design and technology that will ensure they are energy-efficient, have a low carbon footprint and are cost-effective for residents to run.
The development of Hummersea Hills is also creating much needed employment and apprenticeship opportunities for local people.
The scheme’s first phase has received £3.9m in funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

Eventually there will be homes available at Hummersea Hills for rent, shared ownership and sale.

For more information about the July 7 event, contact East Cleveland Housing Office on 01642 836004 or email

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