Closure of Guisborough Royal Mail delivery office is ‘a blow for the town

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, hit out at the breaking news that the Royal Mail will be closing their Guisborough Delivery Office on the town’s Morgan Drive, and transferring sorting operations to Redcar.

Tom said:  “This will, I am convinced, mean a worse deal for both Guisborough residents and businesses and for the loyal postmen and women working from that office.”

“For local people and local traders, there will be fears of later deliveries, and the fears of a total loss of delivery during icy winter weather.  There will also be a loss of a local facility to pick up parcels which may have come when a householder has not been in to take delivery, with, I guess, the only option for those affected residents being to either travel to Redcar to retrieve their delivery, or to face a long wait for another delivery.”

“The people who, of course, will have to bear the brunt of this closure will be the local postmen and women, who have been loyally serving the town for many years.  We are told that there will be no compulsory redundancies, but that doesn’t mean there wont be job losses.  From seeing what has been happening around the rest of the country, this cannot be ruled out.”

“This closure is simply confirmation of what I and other Labour MP’s warned about over past months when this coalition government was pushing through the privatisation of the Royal Mail and the Post Office.  We warned then that this would herald a slimmed down mail service for the country, a massive loss of jobs and a worse service for householders and businesses that rely on postal deliveries and collections.  Sad to say, we are being proved right, and in this case, it is the community of Guisborough who will be the loser.”


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