The Redcar Pier Association ………. A new movement to give Redcar a replacement traditional pier

I’d like to pose a question.  What are the things that come to mind when the average citizen thinks about the seaside?  Resorts like Blackpool, Brighton and Great Yarmouth, with amusement arcades, stalls selling seafood, rock and candy floss and a walk along the prom including a stroll on the pier. Piers are traditional, ubiquitous and attractive, they appeal to the great British seafaring history, they are places we can contemplate the water and its movement.

Piers are expensive, they always have been and always will be, but that is no reason not to have them and in fact another British tradition is to do things because they are difficult.

So how does this connect with Redcar?  On the face of it, Redcar is a small seaside town, when compared to Blackpool, Brighton and Great Yarmouth. Redcar doesn’t quite have the panache and the attraction for thousands of visitors.  And yet, Redcar does have attractions, including the scars, angling out to sea and providing homes for lobsters, fish and crabs.  Those scars deserve a closer look, but you can’t when the tide is coming in, because Redcar doesn’t have a pier, or not yet.

There have been arguments about the wisdom or otherwise of the decision to build a tower on the seafront and call it a vertical pier, but this article is not about that.  This article is written to bring attention to a new movement to give Redcar a replacement traditional pier.  At this time we don’t know where the money will come from, in fact we don’t know how much it will cost, but we do know we are determined to do it, or go down fighting in the attempt.

We’re going to need help.  We’ll need people who know about building things, about raising money from grants and donations and we’ll need people who know how to deal with rules and regulations.  But first and foremost we need people with the enthusiasm to take part in what should be a bit of an adventure, for the benefit of Redcar and its people.  Look at the old pictures of Redcar beach crammed full of visitors enjoying themselves and bringing prosperity to the town.  The old days won’t come back, but there’s no reason for the new days not to be better than the present.

The thing we offer is a seed of optimism and that seed will grow with every person who joins us.  At present, we’ve had informal meetings to determine the level of backing we’re likely to find and to work out a plan of action.  First we need to establish our name, The Redcar Pier Association, as a rallying call and a presence.  We will develop a web site and regular news bulletins for information, form a steering committee and begin our research.

This is an invitation to join us.  If you have or haven’t any area of expertise we may find useful, or simply a bit of optimism and a love of Redcar, we will welcome you.

Contact details:


or telephone Brian on 07563504693 or Carl on 01642 288329


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