Working together to spread the news

Coastal View & Moor News, new website is now well and truly up and running, thanks to the guys at E-Strands Ltd.

This process was a perfect example of two companies working together, using each others’ resources, expertise and knowledge, simply to help each other for mutual benefit.

We talked about a new website for a long time, but never really doing anything about it. Well, that was until Michael Janes, E-Strands Ltd Managing Director sat us down and explained how necessary it was for us to take immediate action.

After discussions with Michael it became apparent that as a monthly community newspaper we needed a professional website to bring the local communities the latest headlines, as and when they happen and give you, the reader the chance to become a part of it all and have your say.

Taking all this into account, the E-Strands team set about designing the website to fit the bill.

Mark Cross, E-Strand Graphic Designer, together with Director of Web Services, Mike Connolly and Mike Janes, worked to produce a user friendly community website for us.

They listened to our needs and took us through each stage of development, from including articles online to using the Twitter and Facebook links.

Throughout this process they were patient and understanding, giving us the confidence to use this essential extension to the newspaper.

The ongoing support they now provide, keeps the website current, fresh and easy to use, both for us and you the reader.

We would recommend the expertise and advice E-Strands Ltd could give to any business thinking of re-branding, promoting and marketing themselves.

With their help, we now have a great site where you can comment, blog, and ask questions, thus creating an ongoing stream of news and views relating to our area.

Because of the features of current news and being linked to social networking sites the website is already attracting lots of visitors to it and we have the statistics to prove it.

Further developments will mean we can offer economical advertising rates, making it affordable for any business. From as little as £20 per month, advertisers will be able to send their message to many more prospective customers and clients.

We are also in the process of producing a photo gallery from events that have taken place in our communities. When this is finalised you will be able to purchase professionally produced prints from this gallery.

We are constantly updating the contents of the website and have much more planned for the future.

Visit us on to read all the latest news and get more information and help on how to use the site.

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