Redcar resident solves mystery of disappearing sands. Concerns were raised with local MP Ian Swales

The mystery of the disappearing sands from Redcar beach may at last have been solved thanks to a determined local resident.

Concerns were raised with local MP Ian Swales by Mr. Derek Hadlow, who had been investigating why the sands on the beach between South Gare and Saltburn were now so much lower than their historic levels.

Mr Swales arranged for Mr. Hadlow to meet with the Teesport Harbourmaster and the Environment Agency to discuss his findings.

The conclusion which emerged was that deep dredging at Teesmouth– often over 40 feet deep – removes about 1million tonnes of sand per year.  Traditionally this sand is then dumped out at sea.

Normally the level of sand on a beach is kept up by a natural current know as “literal drift” which drives the sand back to the coastline.

However, historically the river at Teesmouth was heavily polluted, so the sand from this area had to be dropped further out to sea.  As a result the natural drift was unable to carry it all the way back to the shore.

Now both the Harbourmaster and the Environment Agency have agreed that it may be feasible, and more environmentally beneficial, to drop the dredged sand closer to the beach.  This would allow natural drift to then disperse the sand back along the beaches.

Commenting on the findings the Redcar MP said:

“I’m pleased we’ve been able to finally get Mr. Hadlow some answers.  He’s put a lot of time and effort into looking into what is complex problem.  Thanks to his determination it seems we may be well on the way to finding a solution to the mysterious disappearing sands.  Hopefully we will be able to return the Teesside coastline to its former state.”

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