Demand for speed limit extension: A local councillor is demanding that the 30mph zone is extended

A local councillor is demanding that the 30mph zone is extended to give vehicles more opportunity to slow down before entering an East Cleveland village.

Councillor Steve Kay, who represents Moorsholm on Redcar & Cleveland Council, says that he often gets reports of vehicles driving at excessive speeds on Freebrough Road, a straight, well-used link between the village and the A171.

Said Councillor Kay: “There is a problem with vehicles speeding both into and out of the village. But, if the 30mph zone were extended say, 100yards southwards, it would at least reduce the problem in one direction.  Drivers would have sufficient warning to slow down before reaching the first houses.  At present, the 30mph sign is immediately before the houses, giving little prior indication to reduce speed.

“The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the first houses open almost straight on to the road.  My fear is that a child runs out between parked vehicles into the path of a speeding car.


“I have reported this danger to the Council before but have drawn a blank.  They installed a temporary flashing sign on a couple of occasions, but what is needed, for a start, is a permanent extension to the 30mph zone.  I cannot understand the Council’s resistance to such a reasonable and inexpensive request.

“I am asking a delegation of residents to attend the next East Cleveland Area Committee to give their views on this matter to councillors, officials and the police.”

The meeting in question will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 21st September at the Methodist Church Centre, High Street, Brotton.

“I also hope concerned residents will attend the regular Police Priority Setting Meetings and the Neighbourhood Police Surgeries, which are advertised locally.  We need to exert maximum pressure to bring about improvements with this and other matters of road safety,” added Councillor Kay.

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