A 2000 signature petition helps reinstate vital local bus service

 Bus service 751/752 reinstatement

Highways & Transport Cabinet member Helen McLuckie has announced today that the East Cleveland 751/752 service is to be part-reinstated.

The reduced service is integrated with the school bus service and available from around 9-45 to 2-30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This will be on a trial basis for 6 months and will be reviewed in March 2012, however the cabinet member has stipulated that if it is not used the service will be withdrawn.

This follows after Independent councillor for Brotton, Barry Hunt collected more than 2000 names on a petition asking for the service to be reinstated.

Cllr Barry Hunt

Cllr Hunt told Coastal View: “i am happy that Cllr Helen Mcluckie has looked at the 751/752 bus service again and all credit to her. The only thing is she has not mentioned the people that did all the work, but that’s OK let them have the credit, so long and we can keep the service, that’s all that matters.

See below letter published in issue 14 of Coastal View

                  Open Letter to Councillor Helen McLuckie

I would like to plead with you on behalf of the village communities to reconsider proposed plans to cut the services of the 751 and 752 buses.

This is not just a bus service, but a lifeline for the residents of Easington, Loftus, Carlin How, Skinningrove and Brotton. In point of fact, this service was the only bus to continue running throughout the previous winter’s atrocious weather, when others declared the routes impassable.

If these proposals are implemented, I and the many of the residents have the questions:

How are people going to get to Brotton Hospital and are they going to get off in the village and walk to the hospital?

In either instance, up or down, this would be a trek for any person, even those who are in full good health, even in good weather. In bad weather, when streets are not gritted (and please don’t promise that they will be, as we have had a hard enough time when they are not) the journey will be impossible, leaving many hospital patients isolated and disenfranchised.

Many pensioners and mothers with young children use these services and are suffering enough with all the present cuts in the budget.

Once again on behalf of the service users, I beg of you to find another way of re-scheduling the budget which does not impact on these vulnerable communities.

I am sure you could look at something like asking the people who use passes to pay a small fee.

We have had a good reaction to the petitions we have put in shops, pubs, clubs and post offices from Easington to Brotton. We need people to find these out and sign them. This is a fight we cannot give up on, as peoples’ lives depend on this service and the small amount you gain back on these services are not worth the trouble.

I care about these people and the communities in which they live, do you?

Please take notice of the people and they will take notice of you.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Barry Hunt – Brotton Ward

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