Local MP fights to protect the hardest hit in Redcar and Cleveland

Local MP Ian Swales today asked the Prime Minister what he would say to councils who are considering rejecting the Government’s Council Tax freeze.

This question comes after news that Redcar and Cleveland council are considering rejecting the Government’s offer of a 2.5% grant to enable a council tax freeze next year and instead raise the tax by 3.5%, with incremental increases for the rest of this parliament.   If they went ahead with this, Redcar and Cleveland Council would be turning down money from the Government and instead make local people pay more in council tax.

The majority of councils in the country and in the North East are expected to make the most of this offer and freeze council tax for their residents.

Commenting Ian Swales MP said: “This is a ridiculous suggestion from the Labour run council in Redcar and Cleveland.  In times like this it is irresponsible of the council to place the burden of repaying their debt on those that can least afford it.  The plan from the Council to not use the money offered by central government to freeze council tax is shocking. It seems the Government is giving with one hand and the Council is taking with the other.”

“The Government is trying to help residents in hard pressed areas like ours, and it is unbelievable that this council is refusing to take up a grant to protect their residents.  All those pensioners that will benefit from the extra £5.35 will see it simply disappear on a council tax rise.  I hope that they reconsider this and take up the offer from this Government

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