Cllr Dr Tristan Learoyd resigns cabinet position over government cuts to Redcar

Cllr Dr Tristan Learoyd has resigned from Redcar and Cleveland’s Cabinet quoting ‘Conservative-Liberal Democrat cuts’ as his reason for quitting.

The following is a statement Coastal View received from Cllr Dr Learoyd earlier today.

“I have informed the council leader Cllr George Dunning that I have resigned from the Cabinet position of Health and Social Care.

“My cabinet position became untenable after refusing to vote through Liberal Democrat-Conservative government cuts to my area. Redcar is the worst affected place for cuts in the UK. I refuse to implement government measures that are a direct result of Liberal Democrat MP Ian Swales’ treachery in selling out to the Conservatives, and his inability to secure any sort of deal for our area.

“Unemployment lines grow day by day; local people live in fear of losing their job if they’re lucky enough to have one; essential benefits are being attacked – and Ian Swales says we’re being too pessimistic! I’m not providing cover for Ian Swales. These are his cuts and his tax rises. As a student of tax law I know that he has been complicit in allowing the rich to get richer through his government’s tax breaks, while putting the burden of bailing out banks directly on Redcar people. Rather than use his parliamentary position to secure us a good deal, he has used it to political point score against a cash-strapped council and divide local people. “Labour government this, Labour council that” – or some other pathetic excuse – will no doubt be used to cover up his own personal inadequacies as a politician in a desperate attempt to find cover.

“Ian Swales has let everybody in Redcar down badly. People vote hoping that the people they elect will do as they said they would. I said I’d do all I could to protect people from cuts when elected as a councillor. That is what I continue to do, albeit in future as a Labour and Co-operative backbencher.”

The Leader of Redcar & Cleveland Council George Dunning said, “It is disappointing that Cllr. Tristan Learoyd has resigned as Cabinet Member for Health on Redcar & Cleveland Council. However one has to respect Tristan’s view that these Tory – Lib Dem Coalition cuts are so severe that he believed he could not be involved in instigating such cuts which are cutting too deep and too fast. Although I believe a Labour led council are the only political group that can mitigate such savage Coalition Cuts.”

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