Wind turbine plan turned down

In Issue 13 we reported on a proposed 90m wind turbine development at Greenhills Farm, Kilton Lane, Lingdale.
Today the proposal was turned down by Redcar & Cleveland planning committee by six votes to four.
Objections were raised by Kiltonthorpe and Lingdale residents as well as Redcar & Cleveland Councillor for Lockwood Ward Steve Kay who urged the Committee to refuse the application.
Cllr Kay said: “This application is premature, considering the meteorological mast, for which permission was granted only in October, has not yet been erected. Or are we to expect even more turbines if the results from the mast make them a commercial proposition?
“The Report recommends permission be granted but most of the points made in favour of the turbine are open to challenge and are not always accurate.
“The Report says: ‘The site is not located in close proximity to any significant centres of population’ and refers to ‘individual residential units.’
“Kilton Thorpe, only ½ mile away is a settlement in its own right. Do the people of Kilton Thorpe, and the nearby farms count for nothing? They can see, feel and hear like anybody else. And the site is only ¾ mile from Lingdale and less than a mile from North Skelton.
“The Report describes the turbine as a ‘small scale’ development. At almost 300 feet high, it will be visible from all over East Cleveland and from the National Park. Remember, wind turbines in Durham can be seen from Saltburn!
“The report says there will be ‘abnormal loads’ arriving over the 4 month construction period. Kilton Lane is narrow, winding and undulating. It is unfit to accommodate ‘abnormal loads’, which, even if they get through will present a continual traffic hazard.
“With regard to noise, the Report says emissions are within acceptable limits but noise and vibration are subjective things. Can you remember the infamous and mysterious Marton Hum which was eventually proved to come from the BOS Plant, 4 miles away?
“The smallest continuous noise at a certain pitch can drive you mad, especially at night.
“The Report says ‘shadow flicker is not considered to be a significant issue’ because it will only affect a small number of properties. What about the rights of minorities? Has this Committee got any right to blight their homes?
“Despite what the Report says, precedent is a relevant consideration. If this application is granted, how can others be resisted. East Cleveland will become the wind turbine corridor between the National Park and the sea.
“I submit that rather than being aligned with current policies, this application is contrary to both policy PPS22 and the Local Development Framework, because of its negative social and environmental impact and the serious highway implications during the construction phase.”
This is only the start as an appeal is likely but it proves that if communities stand up for their rights, they do get results.


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