Rural Broadband in Tees Valley: Public meetings planned


Rural Broadband in Tees Valley
13th February 2012 Summerhouse Village Hall, Darlington
16th February 2012 Boosbeck Village Hall, East Cleveland
6.00pm to 8.00pm
Do you get a broadband service in your area?
Are your getting the best speeds available?
If not, what is the level you need and would be
willing to pay?
We need to know what you want and need
Find out what is being done to address this
Come along to an open discussion session where you can
raise your concerns about getting your rural broadband needs
met and find out about the ways that you can help or be
involved in developing the plans for the future.
Businesses and Residents are welcome.

“Working with rural communities” Registered Charity No: 1080282
Registered as a Company in England No: 3750700


Broadband access is one of the key ways that people who live in the rural areas can partake of all the digital opportunities available. The government has recognised that many communities are getting no or limited services and has an ambition of getting a minimum of 2 megabits per second speed to everyone in the country by 2015. This ambitious target is planned to be met by the development of local plans, in this instance a Tees Valley wide broadband plan.
To develop the local plan there is a need to understand what people want and need and
how many people are likely to sign up for an improved broadband service.
Two meetings are planned to take place in Summerhouse near Darlington on Monday 13th
February and Boosbeck in East Cleveland on Thursday 16th February.
The Local Authorities – Darlington and Redcar and Cleveland – the local enterprise
partnership, Tees Valley Unlimited, and Tees Valley Rural Community Council are holding
these two meetings to give people a chance to talk about the impact of their local
broadband access and find out what plans are being developed . The extent of the interest
in the area will help to develop the proposals.
For communities where the roll out plans are unlikely to address their needs and there are
no commercial plans to roll out the service, there is an opportunity for community
applications to be made through the Rural Development Programme for England. There will be an opportunity to find out more about how this can be accessed.

For more information
Contact Doff Pollard
Tees Valley Rural community Council
Tel 01642 213852

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