Ian Swales MP takes New Marske and Upleatham wind turbines issue to the top

At Prime Minister’s Questions today (Wednesday February 29), Ian Swales MP raised concerns over the proposed 120 metre wind turbines between New Marske and Upleatham.

Earlier today, Ian urged the Prime Minister that local people must have a say regarding the huge wind turbines and that they must not disrupt residents of the two beautiful villages.

Responding, David Cameron said that the Government is ending the subsidy to onshore wind and that through the new Localism Bill, local people will have more of a say over issues like wind farms.

Commenting on his question Ian Swales MP said:

“A balance must be struck between renewable energy and local landscapes. I feel the proposals to build four massive turbines between these villages will have a very negative impact on people in the local area.

“I was pleased that the Prime Minister announced local people will in the future have more of a say over things like this. Whilst green technology must be encouraged, these plans will ruin the local landscape.

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