MP Needs to do more to stop windfarm


The councillor who started the campaign against plans to build a Windfarm on Marske’s greenbelt has called on Redcar MP Ian Swales to do more to prevent the erection of four giant turbines meters from his council ward.

Mr Swales asked a question at Prime Minister’s Questions with regard to the wind farm today (Wednesday 29th February), but has been accused of “rhetoric” the councillor.

Cllr Dr Tristan Learoyd of St Germains ward said:

“While delighted that Mr Swales is belatedly joining the campaign I started four weeks ago to stop the wind farm, I’m disappointed that he is still supporting the government grant scheme that enables the scheme. It strikes me as contradictory to support the grant scheme and then ask for no turbines to be built? We need action not words from Mr Swales.”

Earlier this month 100 MPs called on the government to cut grants to stop the proliferation of windfarms on greenfield sites. Mr Swales declined to add his name to the list.

Coastal View issue 20 broke the news of the new windfarms on it’s front page, it can be viewed at

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