Cleveland Police to get enquiry costs covered – Ian Swales MP

Cleveland Police to get enquiry costs covered – Swales

 Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat MP for Redcar, is delighted with the news that the Government have agreed to cover the costs of Operation Sacristy in full.

The costs of this case have been mounting up and have now reached 1.6m, which would mean there would be a significant impact on the forces budget if they had to cover these costs themselves.

Ian said: ‘I am delighted that the Home Office are paying for the costs of the enquiry of the alleged wrongdoing at Cleveland Police.  At a time when police budgets are under tremendous pressure, it would have been wrong to see the police having to make even bigger savings due to these one-off costs.’

‘I have been campaigning hard in Parliament for this to happen and am pleased to have played a part in ensuring that local people continue to get the excellent service that they deserve.’

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