Tom launches Green Howards petition

Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, recently launched his petition calling on the Government to reconsider their decision to abolish the 2nd Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment – known as the Green Howards.

The Government’s decision earlier this month to scrap the Green Howards has been met with opposition from a whole host of sections of the community including residents, local media, local councillors and the armed forces – both currently serving and retired.

Tom said: “I’ve not been surprised by the amount of opposition to the Government’s decision to axe the Green Howards. I described the decision as devastating and a huge blow for Teesside when it was first announced and I also said I would campaign against the proposals. This petition is the first step in showing how much the Green Howards means to the Teesside area.

“Whilst some are willing to settle for the preservation of the name I think we need to remember the brave soldiers who are potentially going to be left without a job when this cut goes ahead. Furthermore, Teesside is a rich source for Army recruitment and that has made it an integral part of our community. Losing the Green Howards would be a disaster and we must ensure the dedication and bravery of our troops is recognised by putting pressure on the Tory-led Government so that the Green Howards can carry on.”

The petition is available to sign at

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