Sign the MND Charter Saturday (11th) in Marske Square between 10am – 12pm

You may be aware that the MND Association has launched ‘The MND Charter and would like to get as many signatures as possible, so far sent it to all my contacts to sign online but also last Wednesday we were in Redcar High Street and got 607 signatures, we are doing one last roadshow to ask people to sign The MND Charter this Saturday (11th) in Marske Square between 10 – 12, I be grateful if you could circulate this information to as many people as possible, also even if you and others have’nt signed the Charter. It would be nice to see people turn up and help raise awareness of MND, if you have a blue MND T-shirt then please wear it ‘Thank You ‘

Also to be circulated a date for everybody’s diary Saturday, 23 February 2013 at the Redcar Bowl, another Charity Concert in aid of MND and Breast Cancer, it’s another 60s night with local groups The Persuaders, The Shadows, and Paula Day, tickets are £6 with a limit of 500. Many people were disappointed last time so maybe it will be best of people order tickets sooner rather than later.

I know the last Charity Concert in February was supposed to be my last, but because of public demand I decided with the help of a few people to do another one.

Best Wishes

Mike Findley MBE

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