Let’s all fight together: Wind Turbines in East Cleveland

Kilton Thorpe is a hamlet, in my Lockwood Ward, between Lingdale and Brotton.

GHF Energy Ltd has resubmitted their application to erect a wind turbine, almost 300 feet high, at Greenhills Farm, half a mile from Kilton Thorpe.

The application was refused earlier this year by Redcar & Cleveland Council’s Planning Committee; and a subsequent appeal was dismissed by the Secretary of State.

Said Councillor Steve Kay, who represents Kilton Thorpe:  “GHF Energy just won’t take no for an answer and, incredibly, the Council’s planning officer is supporting the application. How long will this ludicrous but worrying saga go on?

“Guisborough and the whole of East Cleveland are threatened by the march of the wind turbines and we must come together in our opposition to them.

“I am calling on everybody to unite against the common enemy by attending Redcar & Cleveland Council’s Planning Committee meeting at 10.15am on Thursday 27th September, where the Kilton Thorpe application is to be considered. The meeting is at the Civic & Learning Centre, Normanby Road, South Bank.

“By force of numbers we can show Redcar & Cleveland Council and the developers that we mean business.

“Guisborough is the latest place to face the wind turbine threat.

“Allow wind turbines in East Cleveland and you’ll get them in Guisborough.  Stop wind turbines in East Cleveland and you’ll stop them in Guisborough.  We must fight together against this menace.”

Steve Kay

Redcar & Cleveland Councillor


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