Protect our spectacular landscape and stop this invasion now

A planning application was recently re-submitted for a Wind Turbine, almost 300ft high at Greenhills Farm, Kilton Lane, Lingdale by GHF Energy Ltd

  This identical application was originally refused by Redcar & Cleveland Planning Committee back in January this year.

An appeal to the Planning Inspector, submitted against the refusal of permission was subsequently dismissed based on the potential impact of the development of the occupiers of 10 Kilton Thorpe.

John Hukin, resident at 10 Kilton Thorpe told the committee: “The re-submission of this proposal is a cynical attempt to persuade the council to make a decision contrary to the views of the Government Inspector.

“This current application represents no change.  The turbine is the same size and in the same position.

“This application tries to remedy the failure of the previous attempt to gain planning consent, in particular to 10 Kilton Thorpe.

“The application fails to overcome the serious concerns expressed by the inspector.  He ends his judgement regarding 10 Kilton Thorpe “it must be concluded that the proposed development would have a significant adverse effect on the visual amenities of the occupants of 10 Kilton Thorpe.

“I have lived in Kilton Thorpe for 32 years and worked in Southbank and East Cleveland for 36 years and one of the things that I have learned in that time is that the residents of Redcar and Cleveland, from whatever postcode, value what is on their doorstep – the protected spectacular landscape of the North York Moors and Heritage coast.”


Lockwood Councillor Steve Kay, speaking against the proposals said: “This application for a monstrous wind turbine, almost 300 feet high, is identical to the application refused by this Committee and dismissed, on appeal, by the Secretary of State.


“What’s new?  Nothing has changed.  But the result of this resubmission is that the people of Kilton Thorpe, half a mile away, continue to live in a never-ending nightmare of uncertainty.

“If you allow this wind turbine, it will set a precedent, not only for more on this site but for scores of turbines across East Cleveland.


“The time to stop this invasion is now; before it gets started.”

Lockwood Parish Council Chairman Ian Solomon said: “Lockwood Parish Council submitted a letter dated 31 October, 2011 which contained objections to this application and I wish to inform the committee that the views of our council have not changed.

“I have personally received a letter from Mr Carroll on behalf of GHF Energy, asking me to support his family’s efforts to reduce climate change, which of course is very commendable. However I would suggest that Mr Carroll starts in his own back yard, where he can have the view rather than outside 10 Kilton Thorpe. This development is not wanted.”

The application was refused by ten votes to nil with one abstention.


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