50/50 Grow your own talent project:50 young peple into work


During our many visits to our local communities one of the issues that crops up time and time again is that of youth unemployment and we feel we would like to work with others to see if we can make a difference for some young people in the Borough.
We know there is some good work going on around supporting young people but we feel we would like to make our own active contribution.

Currently, in this Borough there are over 550 young people not in Education, Employment or Training and over 60 of these are graduates.

We have met with the Councils Routes to Employment Team and Connexions, who in turn have spoken to JobcentrePlus, Prior Pursglove College, training providers and a number of local employers and we are encouraged that all have agreed to work with us in a campaign led by Coastal View and Moors News to support young people in East Cleveland into employment opportunities.

And with the use of, training route ways, work trials and apprenticeship and employment grants we will support young people into work, through a ‘Grow Your Own Talent’ campaign.

We believe the proven benefits are

1/ We can reduce youth unemployment.

2/ We can support Business Growth.

3/ Wages paid to young people feed back into the local economy.

4/ In the case of graduates, we do not see local talent moving out of our area.

Through the ‘Grow your own Talent’ campaign, we will aim to support 50 young people into work and we look forward to regularly reporting our success through the pages of this newspaper, but we would ask each and every on of you to pledge your support to our campaign.
We have ourselves in the past, taken on our very own apprentice James McGill, who has now moved on to a more permanent position, so we know the system works and we are currently on the search for our second apprentice.

As part of the 50/50 programme, working closely with Routes to Employment, drop in centres will be established in local venues, where young people can be supported with C.V. writing, employability skills and a weekly update on employment and apprenticeship opportunities. More details will appear in our next issue, but we already have the support of The Junction, Redcar, Julie Craig of Rural Boost, Skelton, Freebrough Academy, Destinations of Saltburn, Tony Gatehouse at the Old Co-op Building Loftus, local MP Tom Blenkinsop and Councillors Dave Williams and Barry Hunt.
Pre apprentice training will be offered, which will act as route ways directly into employment opportunities, the first of these is at Prior Pursglove (see below.) We already have employers looking to recruit apprentices from this programme.
If you are a young person interested in an apprenticeship contact Routes to Employment on 01642 495759 to discuss your options.
The aim of this 50/50 programme is to support our young unemployed residents of Redcar and Cleveland into employment opportunities, one of the best ways to achieve this is through apprenticeships.
Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around the needs of a business, whatever the size of the business an apprentice can add real value by turning our young unemployed into talented and skilled employees who can be a true asset to the business
This programme will support employers by working with you to recruit suitable young people, working with Jobcentre Plus to provide work trials, providing a wage subsidy or apprentice allowance, assisting with access to funding for further training, covering initial costs such as personal protective equipment and provide on-going support.
If you are in a position, where you could offer any help with our 50/50 scheme we would ask you to pledge your support to our campaign and contact us now.
If you are an employer who would like to talk to someone about taking on an apprentice please contact Routes to Employment on 01642 495759.

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