SODA (Survivors Of Domestic Abuse) Redcar, are opening the first ever Support Group for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse in the area.

As most people are aware, Domestic Abuse is normally associated with having only Female victims.

One little known fact is that up to 18%  (1 in 6) of Men suffer some form of abuse at the hands of their partners during their lifetime.

Another Popular misconception, is that Domestic Abuse consists solely of Violence towards a partner, however Domestic Abuse has many varied facets, which can include: being continually humiliated, criticised, and shouted at by your partner, Constant fear of your partner, partner controls everything, the feeling of helplessness in the relationship, ill treatment which you’re embarrassed to disclose to your friends/family, the with-holding finances / money, also Sexual Abuse including using and with-holding Sex as a form of punishment.

We are finding that more men are now finding the strength to come forward and ask for support after suffering Domestic Abuse from either a female or male partner, which is why we are now offering a Male Support Group in the Teesside area.

The SODA Male support group offers: Counselling, One to One Support and Group Support. the first session starts on Tuesday 4th December.

There is no shame in asking for help and support, and no-one should suffer from Domestic Abuse.

Please ring our helpline on 07982 870303 or the SODA Office on 01642 758849 for further details regarding the time and place of the Male Support Group.

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