Saltburn Parking update: ‘Listen to residents and local businesses and end parking proposal’ urges Tom

‘Listen to residents and local businesses and end parking proposal’ urges Tom

Local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has today (21st January) urged Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to abandon proposals to introduce new parking restrictions in Saltburn.

Pre-consultation for the proposals ended last week (Friday 18th Jan) and it is understood that initial responses are being collated before moving on to an official consultation.

Tom said: “Judging from the conversations I’ve had with constituents and the amount of emails in my inbox it is blatantly clear that the town is nearly unanimously opposed to parking restrictions, and that there isn’t a traffic management problem. I’d be very surprised if the responses to the pre-consultation, once properly collated, didn’t reflect this opinion.

“Therefore, it would seem a waste of council’s resources if they proceeded to full consultation. If they do, then I will strongly oppose the proposals.

“It is not just residents who will be affected but also local businesses – who have also been vocal in their opposition. If the proposal reaches full consultation the council must assess the economic impact of any such changes. I find it difficult to comprehend why one hasn’t already taken place considering the unique makeup of Saltburn and the amount of small businesses in the town.

“I can sympathise with the immense pressure the council are under due to budget cuts from the Coaltion Government but I feel this proposal seriously risks damaging local businesses that add so much to the community. The council budget may be stretched but perhaps assessing the worth of the councils bi-monthly magazine or looking at the management structure – such as the imminent appointment of another Director of Regeneration – may ease the strain.”

RCBC Leader George Dunning says:”Redcar and Cleveland’s Labour led council are renowned for going the extra mile on consultation, hence the extension of the pre consultation exercise on the Saltburn car parking by two weeks.
I have said on many occasions to preserve services which are none statutory we will have to be very pragmatic on how, for example we maintain five Leisure Centres and 13 libraries as these Coalition Government multi million pound Cuts are hitting us up here in the needy North more than the much less needy in the South, hence the North / South divide gets wider and wider”
Saltburn Independent Cllr Stuart Smith told Coastal View: “Surely this authority will now wake up and smell the coffee on this matter. When the local MP, who is a member of the same political party and resides in Saltburn so is fully aware of the sentiments and feelings of residents and businesses openly criticises this authority they must realise this policy is a non starter and disaster for the town.”
Councillor Steve Goldswain, Cabinet Member for Community Protection, said: “The pre-consultation period has just ended and we will now be assessing all of the public views and comments obtained as part of that. All responses will be taken into consideration as we determine the way forward, although no decisions have yet been taken.”

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