On a level playing field: Saltburn Parking


Cllr Stuart Smith stood in West Street car park, Eston

A Saltburn councillor has called for a level playing field in relation to pay and display car parks within the Borough, if the proposed parking restrictions for his town are implemented.

At the recent scrutiny budget meeting for Area Management, the department within the council which is responsible for pay and display car parking, Councillor Stuart Smith, pointed out that Saltburn wasn’t the only place where extra revenue could be gained from car park charges.

Cllr Smith informed the committee that all the designated car parks in Saltburn, Guisborough and Redcar were pay and display and then asked why should other areas be exempt? He wants the authority to look at the car parks in The Wynd, Marske and the two car parks at West Street and Lodge Road in Eston for extra car parking revenue.

Stuart told Coastal View: “Eston would be a very interesting development if they looked at charging for the two car parks within this ward, which at present is represented by three Labour Cabinet members. They have a major Tesco supermarket on the doorstep, very similar to Saltburn which will soon have Asda close by.

“It would be interesting to see the reaction of residents and businesses within Eston if pay and display, together with restricted parking which would come with this proposal. They would be facing the same predicament as Saltburn is now looking at, the demise of its local economy and amenities.”

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