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CV_28_twEven before June 2010, when we published the first issue of Coastal View & Moor News we set out the format we wanted for the newspaper and have never strayed from that day to this. We want first and foremost to provide the local East Cleveland communities with their own paper, telling their own news. We publish the great success stories but we must also publish the negatives that affect us in our everyday lives and we have been called a campaigning paper as we take up the fights on behalf of our communities.

Our duty to the readers is to tell it like it is and in most cases in their own wordBoosbeck Bashs and we want to help local businesses to do well by giving every one of them, irrespective of size, a chance to advertise what they have to offer at economical rates.

We want to shout about new businesses by producing editorial features, giving them a chance to tell their stories in both words and pictures, more than just an advertisement and we publish editorial etc for charities and community events free of charge.

IMG_2623We have been doing all we can to get our young people in to work with our successful 50/50 campaign, being supported by local agencies, businesses and our two MPs. It meant over 200 young people from our region found work and apprenticeships.

We aim to get the paper into as many houses as possible and if we don’t deliver to every house in your area we leave it in outlets, so it’s available to all.

It’s not up to us to judge or decide what’s right and what’s wrong and most articles are the opinions of the people who wrote them.

dmHHgolf-1609-10We cannot publish any verified figures from six months ago but we know our paper is popular and people look for it, judging by the requests from outlets for more papers and the phone calls we get from residents asking if they can have the paper delivered or where they can pick it up from.

We cannot guarantee every home that gets the paper reads it but we do know that people pass them on to friends and family so some of them get read by more than one household.

Kiltonthorpe-TurbineBut one fact we can state for sure is that Coastal View goes into 53% of our distribution area, which is more than any other publication free or paid for!

We can only report on the stories we get sent or told about and the content comes from community groups, residents, councillors and the local MPs therefore giving broad unbiased views from the whole area.

We have been approached more than once to replicate the paper in other areas, such is the value of having a local paper containing local news.

andy-and-anna_2We hope you enjoy reading the latest  issue.

Coastal View & Moor News is a monthly full colour tabloid newspaper with a minimum of 25,500 copies which is distributed to doors by our own experienced team as well as beLockwood-in-Blooming available in libraries and other outlets.

Advertising rates are both economical and affordable, making it an ideal place for you to promote your business. This is a great opportunity for you to tell up to 63,000 readers about you and what you have to offer with the chance to make them your Mike Harding takes time out of his UK tour to read Coastal Viewpotential customers.New play area for Lingdale

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