How to use Coastal View & Moor News Website

Here is a quick guide to using our website.

Searching for pages and news

In top right corner is a SEARCH box.

Enter your search criteria, e.g. ‘redcar’ and click ENTER.

Search results are returned with titles and brief intro.

Click on a title or ‘Continue reading’ to read full page/article.

Where there’s a large number of articles listed, you may find links “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” to more articles
at the top and bottom of the page. Click these to see more articles.

At bottom of any news article is a block of information, with links to related articles.

For example, clicking link by “editor” will return list of all other articles posted by “editor

Finding news articles

News articles are featured on the website in a number of different ways:

METHOD 1: Latest Headlines

In the right column of most pages is listed the latest ten news articles.

Click on any of these to read full article.

METHOD 2: News Calendar

Scroll through the calendar using the month links at the bottom of the calendar.

Dates which have news articles are highlighted.

Click on a date to be shown a list of news articles for selected date.

METHOD 3: News Archive

At bottom of any page, is a News Archive which shows months with the number of articles in brackets for each.

Click on any month to see a list of articles.

Click an article title read full detail.

METHOD 4: Tags

When articles are entered, they can be given ‘tags’. For example, if a news article is created related to the Redcar area, it could be tagged as “Redcar”.

In bottom right of website is a Tags list. Click a tag and it will return a list of articles that have been given the selected tag.

METHOD 5: Search

See previous section, “Searching for pages and news” for finding news using a keyword.

For example, entering “Redcar” will find articles with title or body containing that word.

Commenting on pages and news

Latest Comments

At the bottom of each page are the latest three comments.

It shows a list of who made comment and which page or news article they commented on. Title is a link to see page or news article person commented on.


Comments on Current Page / News Articles

At the bottom of any page is a list of comments made about this particular page or news article.



Leaving a Comment

To leave a comment, first find the relevant page or news article on the website. Once you’ve found it, there are two methods available.

METHOD 1: Non-Registered Visitor

At the bottom of any page or news article is a “Leave a Reply” form.

Complete this form with your Name, Email and Comment.

(You can optionally enter your own Website Address)

Once “Post Comment” has been clicked and comment submitted, it is sent to Coastal View for approval.

If approved, your comment will appear in comment list for everyone to read.



METHOD 2: Registered Visitor

If you regularly comment on the website, you’ll find entering Name and Email every time you comment repetitive.

To avoid this repetition, you can become a ‘registered visitor’.

To register, click “Register” at bottom right corner of website.

Enter a username (unique name for when you return to the website) and an email address (will be used to issue a password).

Click “Register” to complete your registration.

You will now receive an email with your username and password.

Return to the website and click “Login” from bottom right corner.

Enter your username and password from email, and click “Login”

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to your profile to complete additional information (e.g. first and last name, bio). This also includes opportunity to change your password to something more memorable.

NB. At present, additional information is used for internal contact purposes only.

After updating your profile, you can return to the website by clicking the ‘Coastal View & Moor News’ title at the top of the page.


Your profile sits inside an area called the “Dashboard”

When logged in, an “Admin Bar” can be shown at the top of either the website and/or dashboard.

From your profile, this bar can be enable or disabled.

Once back on website, you can return to your profile at any time by either clicking “Dashboard” from the Admin Bar at the top of page (if you opted to enable it in your profile); alternatively by clicking “Site Admin” in the bottom right.

 To comment as a registered visitor, follow these steps:

  1.  From bottom right, click “Log in”
  2. Enter your username, password and click “Log In”
    You are taken to the ‘Dashboard’ with your Profile.
  3. Click ‘Coastal View & Moor News’ title to return to main website.
  4. At bottom of any page, you can complete the “Leave a Reply” to post your comment.

You’ll see that whilst logged in you no longer need to enter Name and  Email each time.

Comments made by registered users, are sent for approval by the editor before being shown publically.

When you’re finished commenting, you can logout by clicking “Log Out” in the bottom right of the website.

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